Company Moduli SG Ltd. was founded in 2000 as a company for manufacturing auto interior for the automotive industry. It is located in the northern part of Slovenia, close to the Austrian border which means a competitive advantage due to the important transport route for the customers abroad.

The production and service company employs a team of experts who develops and produces competitive and quality products. The production of new, better products is of great importance and the key to customers connections, and of course, high quality is reflected in the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


Name (firm): MODULI SG,
avtomobilski sklopi, d.o.o.
Firm: MODULI SG d.o.o.
Address: Kidričeva 6, 2380 Slovenj Gradec
Legal status: Limited Liability Company
Business Activity:  /
VAT number: SI 73761524
Date of establishment: 23.12.1999
Revenues (2015): 1,15 mio €
Employees (2015): 28 (5 režija, 23 proizvodnja)
E –mail: info@moduli.si








Phone Purchasing BU cutting, BU Injection moulding:
+386 (0) 2 88 23 014

Phone Sale BU Sewing:
+386 (0) 2 88 23 015



  • The purchase of an injection molding machine KMS 250-1400 C2 and a robot LRX 150
  • Assessment for ISO 9001: 2015
  • Successful candidacy of a Company in the public tender: Tender for financing incentives for the resumption of business operations of companies in border problem areas - COVID19
  • New information system - Norma soft and adaptation of business premises
  • New systematization of the company and adjustment of all documentation
  • Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the company (due to Covid -19 moved to 2021)
  • Expansion on the plastic program and purchase of two plastic injectors 80 and 150 t
  • Purchase of Laser Cutter
  • Participation in the call for a scholarship
  • Successful certification of the quality system by the SGS - ISO 9001: 2015
  • Development of several innovative products and implementation in production
New customer in the automotive industry - Aunde Tehnik
Completion of financial and business restructuring of the company. Diversification of the product range and development of our own products under our brand. Certification of the ISO 9001 quality standard by the SGS Certification Body is confirmed. Updating the website and launching online sales of your own products.
Purchasing the stake in Prevent Global bankrupt by the management of the company. Continuation of diversification of the company's product range, in addition to the interior for the automotive industry, and the furniture industry. Renaming the company in Module SG Ltd. with a new corporate image.
Introducing new production programs - injection moulding and interior sewing for the automotive industry. Obtaining the ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard by the SGS certification body.
Bankruptcy of a member of Prevent Global d.d. (joint-stock company). Company Prevent Moduli Ltd. operates and develops. Recognition award of Carinthia Chamber of Commerce for Innovation - silver medal.
Recognition award of Carinthia Chamber of Commerce for Innovation - bronze medal.
Consolidation of ownership of the company through the purchase of own shares from existing shareholders.
With the end of the Golf A4 armrest program, the company was forced to restructure. It has introduced a new production program of finishing services on plastic products for car seat covers. The program covered retainers die cutting intended for development, pre-batch and zero production batch. In this area, we wanted to provide the customer with a full service and be involved in individual areas and in the development work, thus initially proposing solutions that would satisfy both the customer and enable the further rational manufacturing of the product.
Company Prevent Moduli was founded in 2000 with the aim of entering the automotive market with new products, bringing together our sewing know-how and adding new added value to even more complex products. In the initial period of the company, the basic activity was the assembly of modules (assemblies) for the automotive industry, such as armrests and headrests, later the company shifted its program to various finishing services –intended for the automotive industry.


We are a group of experts in a manufacturing and service company. We produce competitive and quality products, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and shareholders. Producing new, better products is our interest and the key to be connected with our customers.


We want to continue to be a trusted company that is reputed by quality and professionalism. Our highly competitive company is known as innovative and in the search for new solutions.


We are a productive, market-oriented, innovative, successful company that is able to meet the expectations of customers, employees, owners and the environment by its complete offer, quality products, and fast responsiveness and flexibility.