Quality products. Made and created in the way that you can experience the materials in a completely new dimension.

  • Sewing for the furniture industry of high quality class sets challenging criteria in the production process.
  • By implementing constant education and employees broad knowledge, we fulfill these requirements.
  • Rich equipment and production facilities ensure development, production and shipping of the finished product to the customer.
  • We cooperate with well-known manufacturers in Slovenia and abroad who sell our products as finished products.
  • The biggest competitive advantage is rapid adaptability to market demands.

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Quality slippers for everyday use made of textile or leather.

Car mats

Leather is a natural product that is treated in the production process in such a way that the product offers us a healthy and comfortable ride. Innovative genuine car mats are made with the purpose of creating a product that is hygienic and easy to clean. The mat is waterproof, so dirt cannot penetrate it.

Textile car mats are made of quality material which is standard for high class vehicles.


Covers for water heaters / storage tanks and heat pumps

Covers for water heaters, heat pumps and storage tanks are made of artificial leather which is lined with the desired thickness of insulating material. We cooperate with a renowned Slovenian manufacturer who incorporates our covers into finished product.

Seat covers for agricultural- and transport machinery and motorcycles

The covers are made of quality materials that can be fully individually equipped with different inscriptions or pictures in the way our customers wish. The materials are breathable, so sitting on them ensures a complete comfort.

Covers for motor- or quadricycle seats

For special needs, seats for the motor- or quadricycle are made entirely at the request of the client and from the desired material (leather, synthetic leather).

Furniture industry

Sewing for furniture industry of the high quality class has set high standards for our manufacturing process. We cooperate with well-known manufacturers in Slovenia and abroad who sell our products as finished products.

Fancy goods and accessories

Occasional products made of different materials.

  • flower pots
  • bags, car-bags, pouches
  • decorative pillows
  • gift bags
  • cases and covers
  • modern and comfortable sitting bags
  • modern backpacks in different colours
šivanje copat izdelki

Complete service – from plan to product.